In my first post I discussed the many times in the life-cycle of a Microsoft Dynamics project that require the creation of environments for tasks such as testing and training.

The creation of these environments is typically not easy or quick and negatively impacts projects significantly. Here are some eye opening statistics from my friends at Skytap in regards to how people and environments are affected in typical organizations:

People – when the software development life-cycle is broken, your team spends unnecessary hours managing, testing and reworking. Not only is this a waste of precious time but often flaws within the process are reflected in your product.

Recent Voke research indicates that on average development and QA teams wait 18 days to access lab environments and 12 to 14 days to properly configure the environments after waiting.

Environments – a broken software development life-cycle leads to inflexible testing and development environments with higher chances for outages and service disruptions. Eventually, your products and budget suffer from delays and defects.

Voke research indicates that 63% of organizations experience development delays and 68% of organizations experience QA delays while waiting for an environment.

To help eliminate these issues Microsoft Dynamics customers can now have On-Demand Environments available at their fingertips at a moments notice with enterprise level functionality at an SMB price tag.



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