Ho Ho HEY! Step away (from the technology)!

Yes, a technology sales and marketing firm suggesting you step away from tech may not seem logical, but it is part of our holiday wish for you. Let me explain.

In this technological age, many of us can attest to spending more time with our phones, than any other person or thing, not physically connected to us.

We wake up to, and immediately check in with, our phones for messages, news, and texts that we may have missed while sleeping. Once we are satisfied we have not missed anything vital, then, and only then, can we consider getting out of the bed to start our day. Coffee is on – perhaps we check our phone for the weather so we know how to dress. After our morning rituals, we jump in the car where we check our traffic app to determine the best route – OR, perhaps we map the directions to our first appointment of the day.

This phone, this handy technology, is like our best friend, who knows us intimately, has access to all the information we need, and is there whenever we need it. Using it we can access music, find a date, find out what all our friends are up to, learn a new language, or binge on our latest podcast find. It is INDESPENSABLE!

Despite this, we are going to recommend you take a break from your “friend” this holiday. It seems we have forgotten the importance of personal connection and have replaced it with digital interface. Consider a conversation while you break bread instead of sitting around the table staring at your respective phones. As the mother of a college student, I can tell you that the days of excited holiday mornings and cuddling on the couch go all too fast and with aging parents, the reality that our holidays together are limited, is all too real. Time with tech, no matter how
“pressing” it seems, can wait. Time with them, won’t.

So, take a little break. The emails, texts, social status updates, and memes will be there when you get back to your day-to- day routine.

Our wish for you is a holiday filled with connection; a walk with your partner or other family member, a friendly game of flag football, or a moment to listen to Uncle Jack, tell everyone AGAIN, about being a kid, and the time he hit a pop fly straight through his neighbor’s front window (an event his mother/my Gran, still refers to as, “the incident”).

Whatever you choose to do with your time, we hope it is filled with safety, joy, love, and gratitude for those in your life and a few less tweets, posts, and notifications.
From the Pure Blues Technologies family to yours – Happy Holidays!


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